The Best Protection for Your Cannabis Products

Licensed cannabis producers want the peace of mind of knowing their products can’t be counterfeited and the security of knowing they’ll be delivered and sold where intended. Patients want a guarantee the product they are purchasing is legitimate and safe.

The Aurinko System is a verification technology designed to secure the supply-chain to provide the safest product for the end user.

As the Canadian and global cannabis supply-chains become more complex, Licensed producers’ products will be changing hands multiple times en route to the consumer. This increases the risks of your product being counterfeited, diverted or stolen somewhere along the supply chain.

Counterfeiting is a widespread international crime. It has an estimated economic impact of $1 trillion annually. Worse, one million people in developed countries die every year from counterfeit pharmaceuticals. Likewise, fake cannabis-based products may be contaminated with harmful pathogens or contain the wrong or no active ingredients.

Guarantee the safety and security of your cannabis products. Join our clients in Canada, the U.S. and Colombia by contacting 807-630-6865 or for more information on our Aurinko System.